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First Project Meeting

November 26, 2008

We had our first project meeting for the Shiny Project which looked at what we were trying to achieve and target areas in the college.

As Project Manager I could go down the easy route and choose those areas which I know will make a success of the project. However I like a challenge and I see projects as a means to an end and so as well as using the “easy” areas I am also targeting other curriculum areas which if they buy into the project will benefit them and their learners in the long term. Using the MoLeNET project to change the culture in those areas will have spin off benefits in the embedding of mobile learning and ILT, as well as the mobile assessment focus of the Shiny Project.


Personalisation of Assessment

November 21, 2008

Traditional assessment models in education often not only clarify the learning outcomes from the assessment, but also the mode of assessment.

For example

Write an essay on the impact of shrinking consumer income on supermarkets.

The learning outcome is quite clearly demonstrate your understanding of how falling consumer incomes will impact on the supermarket business.

But why does it have to be supermarkets?

But why does it have to be an essay?

Couldn’t the learner choose and be actively involved in designing their own assessment and therefore their own learning.

One learner may for example want to produce a radio show (podcast) which demonstrates that they understand how falling consumer incomes will impact on radio stations.

Another learner may want to have an online discussion with others on the impact of falling incomes on the places where they work.

Of course this may make assessment more challenging for the assessor, so how do we deal with that?

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Shiny Project Description

November 18, 2008

The Shiny project will focus on the use of mobile devices for the assessment of learning at Gloucestershire College. The project will develop and implement the use of m-assessment across the curriculum.

The Shiny project will build on the work of the MoLeNET Glossy project, which provided the infrastructure for mobile learning, through the provision of mobile technologies that encourage the use of m-assessment.

The project will provide opportunities to learners and staff for a more engaging, relevant and personalised assessment experience.

To build a sustainable future for m-assessment through the use of case studies, guides and exemplars.


It’s all shiny…

November 15, 2008

Welcome to the Shiny MoLeNET Project Blog.