Early like Monday Morning

March 9, 2009

So here it is Monday morning and I have just parked the car in the car park, when a member of staff asks (as he parks his car) if I have a minute.

As we walk into the building, he tells me that he attended the MoLeNET training in Bristol on the 6th March (led by Di Dawson) and wonders what kit we have available.

I let him know that we have a fair bit of kit, but if there was anything he was particularly interested in what did he want to use.

He said he was very keen on using the Nintendo DS with Brain Training as a away of improving the numeracy and literacy of his learners.

Luckily we have ordered some sets of DS for this particular activity, and so we can let him use a set with his learners.

The training must have been really good as to retain that enthusiasm over the weekend and then get what he wanted sorted out on Monday morning.

Keen now to attend the m-assessment training here in Gloucestershire College on the 18th March.

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