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Geoff Foot

May 19, 2009

Geoff from the LSN will be visiting the college today to see how the Shiny project is progressing.


Shiny Dragon Boating

May 18, 2009

One of the key things about getting staff to use technology, is to remove barriers.

One of the barriers is a lack of familiarity.

When asked by a member of staff if they could use one of our Sanyo CA9 cameras to film themselves in the recent Gloucester Docks Dragon Boat race, the answer was of course, and here is the result.

The next stage will be to take that video and show the member of staff how mobile versions can be made. This will include tools we already have in college and possibly using MoLeTV.

As a result we now have a member of staff who will be confident in the use of video technologies and the use of video with mobile devices.

Oh and a video for use on our atrium’s Knowledge Tree.


Using the Sanyo CA9

May 14, 2009

We’re using the Sanyo CA9 video cameras as part of our MoLeNET project.

Has the advantage in many curriculum environments that it is waterproof, so works well in workshops and out in the field.

However the camera is only a small part of making videos.

If you know the right techniques then even using a Flip camera will be perfectly adequate.

This Guardian guide mentioned before is a really good starter on making video films.

Key tools to think about is get a tripod and ensure you can capture decent audio.

Storyboarding is useful too.

Then editing.

Though Movie Maker is adequate, we have had issues as we lock out the C Drive, so either ensure you have external drives or as most learners do, use a Mac. Trying to edit video across a network is not to be encouraged. Personally I like iMovie.


Making Video

May 13, 2009

If you are making any kind of videos then I would recommend you check out this excellent guide from the Guardian.

Covering everything from basic techniques to special effects through to editing. If you are taking any kind of video then check the guide out.

Via e-Learning Stuff


Using Activexpression when using video.

May 12, 2009

A member of staff recently used Activexpression whilst showing a DVD video. They shared the following comment on the VLE.

I have used Activexpression 3 times over the last month and it is suprisingly easy to use if you just stick to numbers and not names when seting up. Whilst watching DVDs you can add questions on to the screen to ensure learners are paying attention and thinking about what they are watching.

I have also thought that something similar could be done whilst showing live video in the classroom through a projector, or a live video feed from a remote location.

Staff in the college are now using the Activexpression units across the college and curriculum and as seen above coming up with new ways in which to use mobile devices to support assessment in the college.



May 9, 2009

In the Shiny project we have purchased a fair bit of kit and have been rolling out it across the curriculum over the last few months.

Our 1500 Activexpression mobile learner response systems went out in December and January and are now been used across different subjects.

Due to supply issues our original order of Nintendo DS were replaced with the new Nintendo Dsi which (I am secretly pleased about) that are been used to support numeracy and literacy key skills in Health & Social Care, Motor Vehicle Engineering and now Plumbing.

Concerns about security and wonky wheels have delayed the deployment of our UMPCs but they should be out any day now. In the meantime from ourt spare stock we have given various learners and staff UMPCs to use for learning and preparation.

One oops problem. We ordered some Samsung Q1s and for some reason the ones we ordered have come without cameras which were the primary reason for purchasing this device. Due to supply issues we hadn’t ordered as many as original hoped, currently ordering replacements.