Using the Sanyo CA9

May 14, 2009

We’re using the Sanyo CA9 video cameras as part of our MoLeNET project.

Has the advantage in many curriculum environments that it is waterproof, so works well in workshops and out in the field.

However the camera is only a small part of making videos.

If you know the right techniques then even using a Flip camera will be perfectly adequate.

This Guardian guide mentioned before is a really good starter on making video films.

Key tools to think about is get a tripod and ensure you can capture decent audio.

Storyboarding is useful too.

Then editing.

Though Movie Maker is adequate, we have had issues as we lock out the C Drive, so either ensure you have external drives or as most learners do, use a Mac. Trying to edit video across a network is not to be encouraged. Personally I like iMovie.

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