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Using the PSP

June 27, 2009

Luke Fletcher from Gloucestershire College talks candidly about how he used the PSP with camera with his learners.

Luke was in the office for a chat, when a colleague (off camera) asked him how he found using the PSPs, luckily for I had a camera to hand, so I just picked it up and hit record and caught this wonderful natural narrative from Luke about using the PSP.

First appeared on e-Learning Stuff.


Acitvexpression for training and sharing ideas

June 26, 2009

At a management training session yesterday on sharing effective practice, one of our Advanced Practitioners used Activexpression to great effect for testing peoples’ knowledge of Picasso. Everytime they got a question right they could using paper and pens and a “head shape” create their own additions (eyes, ears, etc) picasso’esque head.

What was nice about the activity was that it wasn’t about using the mobile devices, the mobile devices weren’t the focus, they were just embedded into the activity.

Why was it been shown?

It was a session on sharing practice and resources. Well this was certainly a transferable activity, change the Picasso head into a model kit and see which group (or individual) can complete the model first. Use it with an engine and labels, see who can not only label their engine first, but also label it correctly. Use it with ingredients for correct answers and then see who can create the most innovative recipe from their collection of stuff.

Another thing that the Activexpression allows is to record the answers, so that you can if required check who answered what correctly and provide effective support.