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Digital Video Assessment

November 7, 2009

Rob Whitehouse describes how he used video assessment to improve retention and achievement with his learners. He explores with other curriculum staff in the college their experiences of using video.


Using the Nintendo DSi

July 22, 2009

Martin Lake, a lecturer in Motor Vehicle Engineering explains how the Nintendo DSi is having an impact on his learners and how they are using the device.


Student Workshop

March 16, 2009

Next week a group of Business students will run a publicity event for our MoLeNET project.

They will be demonstrating to staff the different technologies, how they work and explaining their expectations (as learners) towards mobile learning.

We will have a bundle of kit for staff to try out and we’ll provide lunch for them too.

Alas I can’t be there as I am flying up to Scotland for the JISC Conference, but Alan will be hand (well they’re his students) and will provide me with a report on how the event goes.

Should be fun.


Early like Monday Morning

March 9, 2009

So here it is Monday morning and I have just parked the car in the car park, when a member of staff asks (as he parks his car) if I have a minute.

As we walk into the building, he tells me that he attended the MoLeNET training in Bristol on the 6th March (led by Di Dawson) and wonders what kit we have available.

I let him know that we have a fair bit of kit, but if there was anything he was particularly interested in what did he want to use.

He said he was very keen on using the Nintendo DS with Brain Training as a away of improving the numeracy and literacy of his learners.

Luckily we have ordered some sets of DS for this particular activity, and so we can let him use a set with his learners.

The training must have been really good as to retain that enthusiasm over the weekend and then get what he wanted sorted out on Monday morning.

Keen now to attend the m-assessment training here in Gloucestershire College on the 18th March.


m-Champions Event

January 21, 2009

I am currently at the MoLeNET m-Champions event in Exeter with colleagues from across the South-West (and Ludlow and Manchester). The aim of the session is to enthuse the MoLeNET’s projects’ m-Champions to go back and enthuse their colleagues back in their colleges about mobile learning.

m-Champions Event

I have spoken about the Shiny project and our experiences from the Glossy project.

We are discussing a whole range of things, from GPS, veotag, mobile learning, mobile devices, mobile technologies and so much more.

Hoping to pick up a fair few ideas about mobile learning which we can use back in Gloucestershire College.