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May 9, 2009

In the Shiny project we have purchased a fair bit of kit and have been rolling out it across the curriculum over the last few months.

Our 1500 Activexpression mobile learner response systems went out in December and January and are now been used across different subjects.

Due to supply issues our original order of Nintendo DS were replaced with the new Nintendo Dsi which (I am secretly pleased about) that are been used to support numeracy and literacy key skills in Health & Social Care, Motor Vehicle Engineering and now Plumbing.

Concerns about security and wonky wheels have delayed the deployment of our UMPCs but they should be out any day now. In the meantime from ourt spare stock we have given various learners and staff UMPCs to use for learning and preparation.

One oops problem. We ordered some Samsung Q1s and for some reason the ones we ordered have come without cameras which were the primary reason for purchasing this device. Due to supply issues we hadn’t ordered as many as original hoped, currently ordering replacements.


Early like Monday Morning

March 9, 2009

So here it is Monday morning and I have just parked the car in the car park, when a member of staff asks (as he parks his car) if I have a minute.

As we walk into the building, he tells me that he attended the MoLeNET training in Bristol on the 6th March (led by Di Dawson) and wonders what kit we have available.

I let him know that we have a fair bit of kit, but if there was anything he was particularly interested in what did he want to use.

He said he was very keen on using the Nintendo DS with Brain Training as a away of improving the numeracy and literacy of his learners.

Luckily we have ordered some sets of DS for this particular activity, and so we can let him use a set with his learners.

The training must have been really good as to retain that enthusiasm over the weekend and then get what he wanted sorted out on Monday morning.

Keen now to attend the m-assessment training here in Gloucestershire College on the 18th March.


Brain Training “does no such thing”

January 29, 2009

Brain Training does no such thing

Research from the University of Rennes has concluded that using the Nintendo DS Brain Training game “does no such thing”.

As reported in The Telegraph

Scrabble is just as good at improving mental sharpness as a Nintendo DS video games console and a copy of Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training, say researchers from the University of Rennes, Brittany.

However how many of our learners play Scrabble?

Graham Brown Martin on the new Game Based Learning forum says:

Although personally I think this is missing the point somewhat given that Brain Training has achieved something most Math teachers haven’t – namely making mental arithmetic cool.The fact is whilst a teenager might achieve the same benefit playing sudoko or Scrabble, even in Paris they don’t play these games anymore (although I’m sure that when the researchers played the games they found the sudoku). Assuming we accept that activities that use the mind are worth it then surely approach’s that at least engage with learners are better than those that don’t even if the net effect is neutral?

The use of Brain Training on the Nintendo DS in Scotland had better results.

What do you think? Is the use of games such as Brain Training just a waste of time and money, or are they tools that allow us to engage with disaffected and younger learners (or even adults) for whom traditional assessment methods do not work.