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A new term

January 8, 2009

It’s the start of a new term and I was certainly thrown into the deep end, so from my personal perspective the Shiny project is not quite at the front of my priorities.

On Monday, the first day back, I had to travel through the snow and ice to Ludlow, where I supported them in their Professional Development Day which was focusing on their MoLeNET project. I introduced the day, talked about the potential of mobile learning followed by a question and answer session.

Over the rest of the day I demonstrated (in the main) the PSP with camera and how it could be used for different mobile learning scenarios.

Tuesday I was back in the office and catching up with all the stuff that needed to be caught up on.

Wednesday I was out again, this time down to Taunton to deliver a workshop on mobile learning for the RSC SW Learning Technologies Forum.

Back in the office today, I need to do the final planning for the Becta Technology Exemplar network event which we are hosting next week.

Of course Shiny is not just me, and staff across the college are doing stuff for the project. Alan is planning the research and we have Rebecca from LSN coming to visit us in February. Rob has been thinking about his role as m-Champion. Other staff have been planning m-assessment opportunities in their teaching.

Before the festive break at the College Christmas Dinner, we used Activexpression units for the annual Christmas quiz, with hundreds of staff taking part. This enabled us to demonstrate how the units could be used for something as simple as a quiz and there was quite a buzz.

More soon.


First Project Meeting

November 26, 2008

We had our first project meeting for the Shiny Project which looked at what we were trying to achieve and target areas in the college.

As Project Manager I could go down the easy route and choose those areas which I know will make a success of the project. However I like a challenge and I see projects as a means to an end and so as well as using the “easy” areas I am also targeting other curriculum areas which if they buy into the project will benefit them and their learners in the long term. Using the MoLeNET project to change the culture in those areas will have spin off benefits in the embedding of mobile learning and ILT, as well as the mobile assessment focus of the Shiny Project.