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Digital Video Assessment

November 7, 2009

Rob Whitehouse describes how he used video assessment to improve retention and achievement with his learners. He explores with other curriculum staff in the college their experiences of using video.


Case Study

November 5, 2009

I have been working on our MoLeNET case study which is on video assessment, got some wonderful quotes from learners and practitioners. Nearly done.


Shiny Dragon Boating

May 18, 2009

One of the key things about getting staff to use technology, is to remove barriers.

One of the barriers is a lack of familiarity.

When asked by a member of staff if they could use one of our Sanyo CA9 cameras to film themselves in the recent Gloucester Docks Dragon Boat race, the answer was of course, and here is the result.

The next stage will be to take that video and show the member of staff how mobile versions can be made. This will include tools we already have in college and possibly using MoLeTV.

As a result we now have a member of staff who will be confident in the use of video technologies and the use of video with mobile devices.

Oh and a video for use on our atrium’s Knowledge Tree.


Making Video

May 13, 2009

If you are making any kind of videos then I would recommend you check out this excellent guide from the Guardian.

Covering everything from basic techniques to special effects through to editing. If you are taking any kind of video then check the guide out.

Via e-Learning Stuff


Using Activexpression when using video.

May 12, 2009

A member of staff recently used Activexpression whilst showing a DVD video. They shared the following comment on the VLE.

I have used Activexpression 3 times over the last month and it is suprisingly easy to use if you just stick to numbers and not names when seting up. Whilst watching DVDs you can add questions on to the screen to ensure learners are paying attention and thinking about what they are watching.

I have also thought that something similar could be done whilst showing live video in the classroom through a projector, or a live video feed from a remote location.

Staff in the college are now using the Activexpression units across the college and curriculum and as seen above coming up with new ways in which to use mobile devices to support assessment in the college.



April 8, 2009

Had a couple of staff from construction in yesterday who were interested in an interactive activity for their learners, in the end I think we will use Prezi. While we were discussing what would go in their activity we came round to discussing video.

So I demonstrated how easy (and importantly) how quick it was to shoot a video using our new Sanyo CA9s and then copy the video over to the Mac. Then use iMovie to add titles, crop the video and add a soundtrack. We then exported the movie to copy over to a mobile device.

They were impressed.


Mobile Cameras

April 4, 2009

Our new cameras arrived, after a bit of a delay, our Sanyo CA9 video cameras are now in the hands of our learners and staff.


With a conventional digital camera or camcorder, many users are understandably reluctant to film or shoot in the rain or other wet environments, for the obvious fear of causing water damage to the camera. The VPC-CA9, however, has earned the highest possible IEC 60529 waterproof rating—IPX8—allowing users to capture high-definition (1280 x 720-pixel) 30 fps footage without worrying about the effects of water or snow. The VPC-CA9 is operable down to a water depth of 1.5 meters (5 feet).

We wanted a camera which could be used outside, up mountains, in the countryside, on sports fields, in workshops and in classrooms.

It takes MP4 video and JPG still images, which are saved to an SD card.

Should be fun and allow us to use video for assessment and on mobile devices much more easily than the traditional DV tape camcorders we have used in the past. Also the sheer number of them will remove many of the barriers to using video that happens when you have to “book” a camera, or share a small number of cameras amongst a large number of students.

I will post some images and video later.